Will Rose Stadium Be Ready For Games?

Not enough restrooms or concession stands. Those were the most frequent complaints from visitors, who said their experience at Rose Stadium was less than pleasant.

"In the past, you could walk and wait in line and miss a whole quarter of a football game," Jeff Phelps, president of the Robert E. Lee High School Booster Club, said. "And that was very upsetting to a lot of people."

Phelps has held the position for the past seven years. He's seen many fans just give up buying food because the lines were too long. But soon, going from four to 18 concession windows, Phelps says he expects the lines to move faster, increasing concession sales.

The stadium will also have more restrooms: more than double for the men, more than triple for the women.

But will all of these renovations be completed in time?

"Absolutely," Tim Loper, director of facilities at TISD, said. "They have jumped through hoops to get this done. And I have all the confidence in the world that they'll do it."

TISD officials say the new stadium is sure to represent Tyler well to out-of-town fans, bringing more revenue to the Tyler economy.

"I think the public will be overwhelmed by this," Loper said.

With more than $1.8 million put into this project, TISD is hoping to attract larger crowds at all of its games, beginning with the East Texas Football Classic less than two weeks away.

The games will be held Aug. 26-28. You'll notice a new name when you go to a game this year. It's called Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium for the nearly $2 million donated by the hospital system to fund the renovation project.

Julie Tam, reporting.