City Of Malakoff Mourns Death Of Police Chief

There was little activity and the mood was somber at the Malakoff Municpal Building on Friday. Flags at half staff and wreath of pale flowers reflected the loss of a leader.
  "Logically, I know it's happened," said Malakoff Patrolman Don Covey, "but emotionally it's trying to keep it down for a little while."
  Patrolman Covey worked with Chief Corn for the past 4 years, last week it was Covey that responded to a deeply personal emergency call.
  "They said his house and that it was a medical emergency, and it didn't take long to figure out probably what was going on," he said.
  Chief Corn had suffered his second heart attack in less than a month. Patrolman Covey performed CPR in a rush to save his life. Patrolman Covey said Friday he was still wrestling with the thought of trying to save the man he knew as a boss and a friend.
  "It's a sick feeling, it's a sick feeling."
  Patrol Sergeant Brad Miers is serving as acting chief. He also said he's not only lost a leader but a father figure. "I've known George probably 25 years," Miers said. "He reminds me a lot like my dad. Everybody's just kind of walking in slow motion right now because this was something totally unexpected."
  In his 24-years of service with the department, Chief Corn was most known for targeting drug traffickers on the streets of Malakoff.
  "We've had successful raids with the drug activity here in Malakoff," said Miers. "That was one of Chief's biggest complaints with the drugs being used."
  While the department said it will continue the work, dedication, and protection shown by Chief Corn, Patrolman Covey said the Chief won't easily be replaced.
  "It's going to take a while. They say every man leaves his mark on the world and it's going to be a while before his rubs off."
  A funeral service for Chief Corn will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. at the First Baptist Church in Malakoff. He will be given full officers honors.

Maya Golden reporting,