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After home destroyed, neighbors help family get back on their feet


Thanks to generous donations from East Texas neighbors, one family has a new home of their own.

The Moore family home was destroyed back in January when a storm caused a tree on their property to fall.

The tree fell on the Moore family's home on Raspberry street, outside of Frankston and near Lake Palestine.

"Then BOOM. That tree came down. I didn't know what hit our house," said LaShonda Moore.

The tree came down in LaShonda's kitchen, just feet from where she was sitting.

"I said 'Dad, dad a tree hit our house!', and he said 'oh, you've got to be kidding me', and I said 'yes, a tree hit our house'," Moore said.

The storms that knocked the tree onto their house left a big hole in the middle of their mobile home. It was damaged beyond repair.

The Moores, who have a history of medical struggles, with a son who has autism and an adult with a seizure disorder, didn't know what they were going to do. They moved into a hotel temporarily while they tried to figure out what to do, but when their money gave out, they knew they would likely be homeless.

In the meantime, their neighbors came together to help out.

An anonymous donor stepped in and donated a new mobile home to replace the one that was destroyed.

However, actually moving the new mobile home onto their land was another financial issue. Neighbors pitched in to raise money, and just this week, the Moore's home was moved onto their land and the destroyed home was removed.

Thanks to a group of generous East Texas neighbors, the Moores are home again.

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