5 Tyler restaurants receive serious health violations

(KLTV) - 5 Tyler restaurants received serious violations in the latest inspection period.

Ryan's Family Steakhouse, 5602 South Broadway.

  • Crab salad & cottage cheese were held too warm on the salad bar.
  • Foods not being reheated to proper temperatures.
  • Roach infestations were observed in several areas, including a salad bar prep area.
  • Stored pans had food residue & salad bar containers were not cleaned.
  • 31 demerits.

China King, 4542 South Broadway.

  • Imitation crab sticks, pork , beef and boiled eggs were all held too warm, and were discarded.
  • Fried fish & breaded chicken with onions were held too cold & had to be discarded.
  • Clean utensils stored under greasy utensils & sheet pans.
  • Mold found in coolers along with dirty cutting boards.
  • Clean knives at sushi bar stored in stagnant water.
  • 28 demerits. Permit suspended due to unsanitary conditions. Permit has since been reinstated.

Poncho Panda, 3841 Highway 64 West.

  • Mold found in ice machine.
  • Roaches found in several areas, live roaches were found in bags of appetizer chips. Foods were not properly stored and labeled.
  • Food contact surfaces needed cleaning.
  • 24 demerits. Permit suspended due to a roach problem. Permit has since been reinstated.

Yamato Restaurant, 2210 West Southwest Loop 323.

  • Cold foods were held too warm.
  • A cook was observed picking food off the floor and continuing to prep.
  • Dead roaches were found in a kitchen area.
  • Toxic items were stored near foods.
  • 23 demerits.

Little Italy, 3320 South Broadway.

  • Improper hand washing among employees.
  • Lettuce was being prepped next to a dirty dish sink.
  • Utensils hand greasy film.
  • Contaminants found in ice machine.
  • 18 demerits.

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