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Longview man claims Facebook censorship


An East Texas man says his Facebook account was frozen after a harmless comment. Dustin Ford of Longview says he was having a conversation last Thursday with a friend on the social networking site, but when he tried to log in the next day, he was not able to get into his account.

"We were having a debate and I tagged him out as "Baby Obama", likening him to a democrat," Ford says.

The tag was "seizing the day with Baby Obama," and it got his account frozen the next day.

"I clicked on the Facebook icon on my phone and it was shut down. I got on the desktop computer and got on there and it said my account has been frozen and made me read through rules and regulations as they said to get my account back in good standing," he says.

Ford is claiming censorship and constitutional violation.

"Our constitutional rights are being taken from us very slowly, however small this may be. I could understand if they wanted to censor something that could be viewed as violent, but this is not slamming the president. I was just likening my friend to a liberal. If you type the president's name, are you automatically flagged to be reviewed? There's something scary about that," Ford says.

At least one judge says Facebook is within its boundaries. Legally, it may be in the fine print.

"This is the first I've heard of this. Any contract any individual signs, they need to read the contract cover to cover. I do not feel it's a constitutional issue because this is a private or public company the service that is provided by that company is that you have to agree to the terms and conditions to use their service," says Justice of the Peace B. H. Jameson.

Ford got his account back, but worries about what something like this means.

"Who sits there and determines what can and can't be said? I don't feel they have any right when they're used as a platform for thought and speech to come in there and block and say I can't say something," says Ford.

Ford says he will not being using the status again.

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