Inventor develops automatic home car wash

Photo Source: CNN
Photo Source: CNN

(CNN) - As the weather warms up, car owners know it's time to clean away the muddy snow and dirt, but before you head to your local gas station car wash or pull out your garden hose, listen to this...

"You push the start button. It will lower a curtain, forms a completely waterproof enclosure around your car, then the computer will turn on five sprayers at a time, go through a sequence for 48 rotating sprayers, the sprayers will spray hot water, heated with a tankless in-line water heater mixed with a cleaning agent that's safe for your car and safe for the environment," says Dale Retter.

Warm, filtered air in the roof of the unit will then dry the car.

The system also captures used water for home irrigation. Dale Retter, a Scottsdale inventor says that there is demand for his auto green wash.

"We have a couple people on a wait list but they're all outside of the Phoenix area. We want to install the first ones in Phoenix, so we're looking to try and do that now," says Retter.

So, how much does something like this cost? $29,500 for the unit and approximately $4000 for an installation.

Retter understands that the initial cost is out of range for most folks, but compares his invention, to another invention once considered a luxury.

"We want to be like the dishwasher, we want to start out as the super, ultra-luxury device, then as the price comes down over the years, we want it to become again like a dishwasher and become like a standard device, the average homeowner will have one," says Retter.

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