TJC students take on Tokyo Disneyland

YACHIYO CITY, JAPAN - Nearly 100 students and faculty from Tyler Junior College have traveled to Tokyo to play and perform three shows, two at naval bases.

Along with our very own Joe Terrell and Jamey Boyum, the TJC band and Apache Belles have wowed the crowd at Yachiyo City on Sunday and today they're taking a little break at Tokyo Disneyland.

Braving Typhoon like winds up to 40 mph and crowds like they've never seen before at Disneyland or Disney World in the United States, the whole crew took on the day...and had a great time!

Joe and Jamey will continue following the Apache Band and Belles as they cover the next two performances. Don't forget to keep checking back for all the WebXtras from the other side of the world.

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