Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting His 18 Month Old Grandson

An east Texas man is charged with sexually abusing his 18 month old grandson. The man was arrested and he bonded out of jail. He was arrested again after the baby's paternal family says he threatened them. He bonded out of jail again. Now the family is worried he will come after them.

Deborah Matthews says her family's lives changed last Thursday when her grandson's maternal grandfather took him for a short visit. "He said he wanted to take him to swim for 30 minutes. 30 minutes went by, then an hour, then 2 then 3 and then he brought him back," says Deborah.

When the baby got home, his father noticed he was agitated and not acting normal. "My son started to take off his diaper and he started having a fit. When he raised his legs up his whole bottom was red. He had bruises on his legs and around his hips and stuff," says Deborah.

Doctors confirmed their worst fears. They believe he had been sexually assaulted. 49 year old Rodney Tolar was arrested early Saturday morning. But 6 hours later he had posted his $100,000 bond. Tolar then showed back up at the baby's father's home. The family says he had a gun and was threatening to kill them. Tolar was rearrested for criminal trespass. But again, he posted bond.

"I want something done. I want him off the streets before he hurts somebody else."

Deborah says her grandson is not the same little boy. "He's just changed a lot. You can't take his clothes off of him. He doesn't want you touching him, he tells you no. He's not the happy little boy he was."

Deborah says her first priority is to make sure the baby's grandfather can never hurt him again.

Harrison county District Attorney, Joe Black, says evidence was recovered at the hospital that may positively link Tolar to the assault. The samples have been sent to a lab for testing.

Amy Tatum, reporting.