Homeless veteran ticketed for 'dumpster diving' for food in Houston

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There is outrage over the ticketing of a homeless veteran for searching through a dumpster for food in Houston. It's a story that's been getting a lot of attention on social media. What the ticket was for and what's being done for the man is coming up on East Texas News at 4.

At 5, A new reality show has stirred up plenty of controversy before it even hits the airwaves. It's called "Preachers' Daughters" and it follows three young women raised by pastors. We'll share an interview with one of the young women this afternoon.  We'll also have your local news updates and weather.

Then at 6, a bill expanding required federal background checks for nearly all gun purchases narrowly passed. All democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of the bill, while every republican on the panel opposed it. KLTV's Shaley Sanders spoke to East Texas leaders about why they disagree with this particular effort to reduce gun violence.

We'll have all that plus your best local forecast from Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto at 4, 5, and 6.

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