Families Remember Those Killed In Crash

Some family members of those killed in an accident in Bullard Monday night, didn't find out until Tuesday morning. For the family of 38-year-old Lorie McClain and 10-year-old Sandy McClain, the news has been incredibly difficult.

Sandy White can't help but smile when she talks about her oldest daughter. She says even as a child, anyone who met Lorie loved her.

"Anyone that you talk to would always say she was kind, they always ask me how Lorie is."

A grandmother now, Sandy still remembers her helpful little girl.

"She was always an artist and anytime I needed things drawn, when I was teaching 5th grade, she would draw any posters and things for me."

Sandy also lost her granddaughter in the wreck. She was a young girl Sandy says was close to her heart.

"They named her after me, she would have been in the 5th grade, she was looking forward to that."

Sandy says her daughter knew how much she was loved, and with this tragedy, has some advice for other parents."

She called me yesterday, she was working, but she called to find out if I was o.k., and she was thinking about her dad, asked about him.  I didn't tell her I loved her that day, I won't get to, but she knows it, so one day we'll see her again."

"If you have a daughter go give her a big hug because you may not get to later."

She also wants others to know the person her daughter was.

"Speaking to the media is my way of letting people know how good, sweet, she was. Not everyone gets the opportunity to let the whole world know."

Chris Gibson, reporting