Family Of Thieves Caught On Tape

It's a rare bird with unlikely thieves. Police believe a man and woman with their teenage son stole a bird worth $1,300 from the Wet Pets and Critters pet store in Longview. But the thieves were caught on tape.

At Wet Pets and Critters, customers are able to hold and pet the animals. One of the biggest attractions is an Eclectus parrot named Dixie. But Monday night, Dixie was stolen. "We've lost a personal pet up here a lot of people came up here just to see that bird and our employees helped me hand feed her from a small baby," says store owner Laura Borens.

Laura installed 12 security cameras just a few weeks ago. Those cameras caught the entire crime.

"I was really surprised at the family that did it. I'm really surprised that 2 parents would come in with their child and take something like that. I mean what are you teaching your children," says Laura.

The female suspect appears to be in her mid 40's and has blonde hair and wore a black dress with a fuchsia colored shawl. The male suspect is balding and wore a gray shirt. The teenage boy appeared to be around 15 years of age and wore a red shirt.

"They were in here 10-15 minutes staking out the place and they just went for it. They side tracked the employees. They got them to pay attention to some of the reptiles while the mom walked over in the corner with the bird. Of course the bird was the same color as the shawl so it made it very easy for her to walk out the door," says Laura.

The tape shows the woman put the bird underneath the shawl and left the store, walking right past several employees.

Laura says she's certain the surveillance tape will help find Dixie and the thieves that took her. Laura is especially concerned about the bird because it lives off a special diet, not bird seed. She says, without it, Dixie will not survive.

If you have any information about this case call Longview police or Wet Pets and Critters.

Amy Tatum, reporting.