Better East Texas: Sequester

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Sequester and it's effect is gaining momentum and everyone seems to be going through this discovery phase of learning what aspects of the federal government will be affected and which ones will be left alone.

One casualty is White House tours.  While there is not a big impact on national expenses, this is one of those service cuts that plays on the psyche of the American fabric.  We are not in a depression, the economy is relatively good, at least improving, and we are eliminating services like White House tours because of apolitical disagreement.

The administration has done an effective job in pointing out every government program affected by putting a face on every major cut.  I have said it before – good marketing.  I also found it disturbing that we have all these massive cuts in military funding and social services but we are still trying to buy favor with some of the countries in turmoil around the world.  We pledged two-hundred and fifty million to Egypt and sixty million to aid the Syrian rebels.  So it is a huge out of balance situation where we neglected taking care of business on the domestic balance sheet but we somehow have found the funding to keep strategic international aid in place.

Without a strong and responsible approach at home, the international aid will dry up very quickly and we will be worse off.  So, the President and congress must focus on clearing up this domestic mess before we give the Syrian rebels and other nations another dime.

It is desperately needed and will make for a Better East Texas.

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