Better East Texas: New Pope

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Catholic Church is seeking a new leader and the cardinals have assembled in Rome to make the selection of the next Pope.

The Pope, of course, is the head of the Catholic Church and while Pope Benedict stepped down suddenly, there is on-going curiosity that quickly turned into in an almost conspiracy atmosphere surrounding his departure.  It seems there are those that just cannot take this situation for what it truly appears to be – a man in failing health who decided it is better to step aside than to be a marginal leader.

Skeptics want there to be some type of drama or scandal which would make for good press obviously and, without it, this story fades in excitement quickly.

Whether Catholic or not, people of any faith should be concerned on how many in the media have positioned believers.  We are all human and there will always be human failing and the leaders of the church are no different.  You get the feeling that, at times, some writers are just waiting for religious leaders show their humanity.  And unfortunately, some religious leaders have failed epically over the years.

However, if these critics would spend half as much time examining the message rather than looking to roast the messenger, the world would be a better place.

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