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Beaver scuttles across busy road in Oregon City


Why did the beaver cross McLoughlin Boulevard?

We may never know, really, but the Oregon City Police Department helped make sure it returned to its home in Abernathy Creek.

Oregon City police were called at 11:30 p.m. Thursday because 911 callers were reporting a beaver wandering through traffic on McLoughlin Boulevard.

"You've got a beaver walking down 14th Street, a good size one. He seems to be heading toward any headlights he sees," one 911 caller said.

The beaver appeared to be lost, police said. An officer tried using a pole and noose to catch the beaver, but quickly figured out the easiest way to get the animal to the water was simply to herd it over to Abernathy Creek.

"Typically, beavers are not the friendliest creatures and are not that easy to corral," a police spokesman said.

The long walk to the creek took about 40 minutes, "but there really was no better option," police said.

"The beaver turned out to be pretty mellow," they said.

Once near the creek, the beaver scuttled down the bank, into the water and swam off.

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