Pine Tree celebrates 'Chris Johnson Day'

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Former Pine Tree Pirate Chris Johnson was honored on Thursday.

March 7th has been officially declared as "Chris Johnson Day" in Longview.

The ceremony took place at PTHS, where Johnson graduated in 1999, in front of a full gym of current students and coaches from Johnson's past.

"All of the faces I see remind me of myself," said Johnson. "So I can relate to girls and guys because when I was in high school, I can see myself in everyone of them."

Johnson, by his own admission, was a troubled child.

He was once thrown in jail for selling drugs when he was a young teen.

He would eventually turn his life around and has played 10 years in the NFL and recently won a Super Bowl with the Ravens.

"To have great fans and to have people look up to me is great," said Johnson. "I became a role model once I entered the NFL and my goal is to be able to give back to the youth and make them smile like I used to smile."

Pine Tree also retired the #3 jersey that he used to wear in school, to which Johnson said simply, "I am blessed."

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