Teacher Loses Home In Fire

Tyler school teacher Kevin Dunagan was at home when a fire started at his apartment complex. A bolt of lightning struck the roof above his unit, sparking the place.

After seeing the flames, Dunagan quickly got himself, his two dogs and a neighbor to safety. However, in the rush, he was forced to leave behind something close to his heart.

Dunagan loves to talk literature. Since he was a kid, he said books have been his passion.

"Really since I was a sophomore in high school, which was when I got turned onto literature and to the world of philosophy and history, I got turned onto to these books."

It's those books, more than 2,000 in his collection, he said he was worried about when his apartment caught fire.

"The furniture and electronics and things like that can be replaced I was thinking about my library, I was also thinking about my journal which I think may be saved which is completely irreplaceable."

Dunagan's fears were never realized, the books he cherishes so much survived the flames and water.

"These were tools, tools to my teaching and they were tools to that pursuit and that's why it was so important to save all this."

"At the time when I was looking at the flames belching out of the sides of my apartment earlier today, I was really not feeling so good.  Now, I'm feeling a whole lot better."

As friends helped to clear out his damaged apartment, Dunagan took refuge that his books will live to tell their tales again.

The fire damaged most of Dunagan's personal property. He does not have insurance.

He said he plans to rent another apartment in the same complex.

Chris Gibson, reporting