Streets Of Speed: Airline Road

The KLTV 7 speed zapper is at it again. This time we're catching speeders at Airline road between Loop 281 and Hollybrook, just east of Judson road in Longview.

The speed limit is 35 but we found most drivers going much faster. With the help of photographer Arther Clayburn, we set up at Airline road in Longview just after noon. Minutes went by with everyone obeying the 35 mile an hour speed zone. We were about to declare this not a street of speed when everything changed.

We found several people going 42 and even 48 miles an hour. Many gave excuses of being late to work or that they didn't even know they were speeding. One man flately denied speeding, saying our speed zapper was wrong. One woman, going 43 miles an hour, not only admitted to speeding but admitted to speeding on that stretch of road on a regular basis.

The average speed today on Airline road was 40 miles an hour.

Amy Tatum, reporting.