New Theater Promises More Than A Movie

A new concept in movie theaters makes "a Friday night at the movies" an event.

The Austin-based "Alamo Drafthouse" theater chain is planning a move into East Texas with a Tyler location. The theaters host new releases as well as independent and older movies with special promotions; such as "Spaghetti Western And Spaghetti Feasts" and "Hong Kong Cinema and Cuisine." And it's not just dinner you can get with your movie, as the name "drafthouse" implies, you can also get beer or wine.

Director Quentin Tarantino has hosted film festivals at the original downtown Austin location, and the Drafthouse showed a premiere of his "Kill Bill -- Volume One." last December, Mel Gibson attended a screening of an unedited cut of "The Passion Of The Christ".

But one of the most popular events is Mister Sinus Theater. Three comedians sit at the front of the theater with microphones, making quips and heckling the films.

The chain now has three Austin locations and one in Houston. Alamo Drafthouse plans to expand to San Antonio this month with a slightly new name but same attitude. Early next year, they plan on coming to Tyler, San Angelo, Waco, and Corpus Christi. And it's working on deals in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Florida, with the eventual goal of 200 U.S. franchises.