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ETX college announces 3 year degree program


University of Texas at Tyler has announced a new accelerated degree track which will allow students to graduate in just three years.

The program will benefit students who are ready to enter the workforce sooner, which in return benefits the economy.

The program is not considered a partial or a condensed program, it just allows the student to gain the same degree in three years instead of four.

"You don't have to pay for books and pay for all the cost of living that goes along with college for an extra year, you can just do three years and get into the workforce," says student Dustin Fredrickson.

Graduating college in three years instead of four helps students begin their career path.

"I think it benefits a lot of the students that are looking to go on out and get into the world and start doing their job. That's one of the reasons why we go to college is to hurry up and get a job and make a life for ourselves," says student T-Ray Rutledge.

UT Tyler's Scott Marzilli works on the academic innovation and student success at the school and says the three year program is doable by implementing summer courses.

"We started thinking about it, saying if we could do this with just one semester of taking summer classes, what would happen if we included summer classes starting after your freshman year. In between your freshman and sophomore year and then in between your sophomore and junior year," says Marzilli.

Marzilli says the program invites highly motivated students to the school which will increase the graduation rate and help the economy.

"We're giving the community the workforce that they need in a much shorter amount of time," says Marzilli.

UT Tyler says the program is currently only offered for accounting, finance, health studies, human resource development, kinesiology, management, marketing and technology majors. 

They are currently working on trying to expand the program to more majors.

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