Dog Days of Summer in Longview

The burning Texas heat doesn't only affect humans, but animals as well. Sunday the city of Longview held its' Dog Days of Summer.
Dog owners could bring their four-legged friends by the Ingram Park Pool for a few hours of cool water fun.
It's a dog eat dog world out there, so why not have a day at the pool to ease those barking, furry feet?
Dozens of Longview pet owners brought their dogs out for a cool dip and a little interaction with others of the canine kind.
"Well she loves the water," said dog owner Ashely Jones, "I thought she would enjoy being around all the other dogs."
Some dogs knew no bounds and dove right in others needed a little push or incentive to venture in.
"It took a little coercing but she'll pretty much do anything for a treat," said dog owner, Carol Murphy.
There were tall dogs, small dogs, long dogs and well prepared dogs. When the real fun and games began it was a little chaotic but the winner of round one's race by a nose, and a tail, Molly, with a little help from her owner.
"That's my secret, " said Nikki Truskett, "Molly will do anything for the tennis ball."
While her time of 27.64 seconds may not get her a gold medal, she got a tasty treat and kudos from her owner.
"I'm very proud, she's awesome!" said Truskett. 
Dogs that participated in Sunday's event had to have proof of current rabies vaccinations. Aggressive dogs or female dogs in season were not allowed in the pool.

Maya Golden reporting,