Family mourns loss of loved one, family heirlooms, in Florida sinkhole

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First, we've got an update on the story of the man whose life was lost when he was swallowed by a sinkhole as he slept in his bed in Florida. His family is devastated by the loss, and now they're facing further sadness as they lose their family heirlooms to the sinkhole, as well. More on their story at 4.

Lyndon Jaye Hughes (Source: Rusk Co. Jail)

At 5, authorities in Rusk County are searching for an ETX man wanted for indecency with a child. His name is Lyndon Hughes, and he's also wanted on burglary charges. Also, an execution date has been set for a Cherokee County man convicted of fatally shooting a man and sexually assaulting two women. We'll have those stories for you coming up.

And at 6, we have a video to show you of some young people vandalizing vehicles in a Longview neighborhood. One man says his white SUV will even need to be repainted, due to irreparable damage. Police are actively seeking the responsible individuals; if you have any information, please call the police department at (903)237-1170.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will join us to tell us why the wind insists upon blowing nonstop, and how long it will last, when he joins us at 4, 5, and 6. Be safe out there, especially if you are considering burning anything. It might be safer to check out the forecast first!

Also, we have a crew on the way to a house fire currently burning in NE Smith County.The home is fully engulfed. We'll have the latest on that during the news at 4.

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