Scam Tries To Swindle East Texans & Ruin Local Charity

Neal McCoy's East Texas Angel Network has been helping children in need for more than a decade. Every year, founder and country superstar, Neal McCoy hosts a concert and raises money for the organization. But over the past few weeks someone has been using Neal's name to raise money for a fake organization. According to Patsy Williams, the Executive Director of the Neal McCoy Angel Network, it's a telephone scam using the name Neal McCoy's Network.

"First of all we always identify it as Neal McCoy's East Texas Angel Network and we don't do cold calls," says Patsy who told us the calls are coming from an 866 number.

She wants all East Texans to know these calls are not legitimate. You shouldn't give them any money.

"We have a pretty clean reputation in East Texas. People know when we ask for money it is going to the children and their families. We don't want anyone using our name asking for money when we have nothing to do with it," says Patsy.

Kay Robinson with the Better Business Bureau says scams like these are very common. She suggests if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be a charity, think twice before giving right away.

"Your donation is as good tomorrow as it is today," she says.

Kay also warns you to check out the charity name with the BBB to make sure it is legitimate. Patsy is glad several East Texans did that when they got the fake phone calls, and she hopes you do it if you get one.