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Steroids and high school athletics: Keeping East Texas PED-free


The use of anabolic steroids in professional athletes has been a concern for a long time. Even now, top athletes are under investigation of taking performance enhancing drugs.

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said Saturday he wants tougher penalties for baseball players who violate the sport's drug agreement.

Selig didn't give any specifics, but he did say he wants increased penalties, "as expeditiously as possible."

From the high school to professional level, any athlete will tell you the competitive drive to suceed is fierce. And unfortunately, some have been caught using steroids as an enhancer.

"That's never going to stop, with the kind of money they are paying these athletes and the demands to be on the field and produce high numbers and win championships there's always going to be someone who is going to find a way to become a better athlete," says Longview High School athletic director John King.

King says just like everything else, the use of performance enhancing drugs can make it's way to the high school level.

"College kids will hear about this and there will be someone who's trying to push that on the street and somebody will dabble with it, and it will trickle down to high school but that's never going to change," says King.

King says they spend two weeks in the beginning of every school year educating their student athletes about PEDs.

"The big thing that we tell our kids is all the supplements that are available, the big thing they need to do is get protein in your body. We try to encourage them if they are going to take something, take whey protein, or the big thing now is drink chocolate milk. There's as much protein in that than in some of these supplements that are available," says King.

King says Longview ISD athletes have not tested positive for steroid use in at least the last three years. He says the secret to success is easy enough.

"Everybody wants instant results, but hard work, dedication, and all those things can get you to where you need to be without taking a PED," says King.

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