Weight Loss Challenge Participants Honored

Longview honored it's residents who've taken part in the city's weight loss challenge. Out of almost 800 people, 558 completed the challenge.
Those residents were honored Friday morning at a reception at the Longview Regional Medical Center.
The center donated $1 for every pound of the city's combined weight loss to the American Heart Association. That amount totaled $3,094.
Danna Page of Longview won the challenge. She lost 32 pounds. Her secret?
"Low carb," she said. "I'm a carbohydrate addict. All I used to eat, I never ate a lot of food, but I always ate the wrong types of food. I would eat bread and rice and pasta almost everyday. I've found out that's not the way to do it."
The challenge officially launched on April 19th. Participants returned to Longview Regional Medical Center once a week for 10 weeks to track their progress.

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com