First Black Sheriff In Morris County History

An historic achievement for an East Texas native. Morris County Sheriff Jack Martin recently became the first black sheriff in the county's history.
"As far as being the first black sheriff, I feel blessed," Martin said. "I'm still getting my feet wet. I was sworn in July 1st so just a month as being sheriff. It's been wonderful."
It was on July 1st that Martin became a part of Morris County history and a finally saw the completion of a dream that began a decade ago.
"I thought about being sheriff in the mid 90's, and when sheriff decided to retire, I thought this was my best opportunity if I was going to run, I need to run now."
In the March primary he won 53 percent of the county vote. He says he never wanted his election to be based on the color of his skin.
"I was wanting the citizens not to look at me as my race but look at me as my character, how I worked, how I treated everybody over the years," he said.
Though Sheriff Martin says he's proud to be the first, he hopes he's not the last.
"I hope that I have motivated some young child to set themselves a goal and they can accomplish a goal if they set themselves."
At the November polls in Morris County, Sheriff Martin will appear as the only name on the election ballot. He said he's grateful for the chance to continue his work in the community sheriff.

Story by Maya Golden,