Restaurant Report: Rodents found in one E. Texas restaurant

Spoiled foods, unsanitary conditions, and even evidence of rodents were some of the violations found in the latest inspections by East Texas Health Departments.

In Longview, one restaurant was singled out with the most serious violations under inspection.


Ryans at 301 East Loop 281

  • Cold slaw, pepperoni and tartar sauce were held too warm (thermometer)
  • Cheese sauce and dirty rice were held too cold (thermometer)
  • Pizza log, onion rings & cheeses not date marked & were discarded (danger)
  • Toxic items were stored near drinking cups (danger)
  • Dirty utensils were found (un clean)

Total demerits: 20


El Charro, at 2604 East Erwin

  • Employees handling foods barehanded and observed not washing hands (un clean)
  • Stored foods not properly date marked (danger)
  • Cooking equipment was found unsanitized (unclean)

Total demerits : 19

Jimmy John's, at 1847 Troup Highway #100

  • Tomato's & lettuce were held out of temperature , had to be discarded (thermometer)
  • Employees persoanl items were stored near food and food contact surfaces (un clean)
  • Toxic items improperly stored and labeled (danger)

Total demerits : 15

Taqueria El Lugar, at 3320 Troup highway #145

  • Chicken was improperly cooled and held out of temperature (thermometer)
  • Cooked rice and refried beans were out of date and discarded (danger)
  • Rodent droppings were observed in the dry goods area (rodents)

Total demerits : 19

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