Tax-Free Weekend Hits Texas

Stores all across Texas are getting ready for what has become one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year.

Starting Friday and running through Sunday, most clothing items and shoes can be purchased tax-free throughout Texas. The break is expected to save shoppers an estimated $46 million this year alone, but that's not the only reason folks are hitting the stores.

The tax-free weekend is not only good for shoppers, it has become a big weekend for retailers too. Everywhere you look, stores are slashing prices, hoping to attract customers on one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year.

"I don't think the customers realized what it was that first year," said Diane Bunker, owner of "Spinout" clothing boutique in Tyler. "Now people actually wait to do a lot of their shopping or maybe a majority of their shopping until today."

Bunker said she plans around the tax-free weekend, banking on more customers, and cashing in on the deals.

"Just for this weekend and we actually have one rack that is just $99 which is just a dollar under so we don't have to charge tax," she said "Anything to entice, to help the customer as well as us to get our summer merchandise out."

The tax-free weekend was created to give parents like Karen Brady a break on back to school shopping. But because of the deals, they're seeing even bigger savings.

"Oh yeah, the kids have been waiting for this for weeks because I said you have to wait for the tax free day to buy your school clothes so it did make a difference to us," Brady said. "We probably saved 200-300 dollars on 75% percent off (sales) on top of the no tax."

So whatever your taste in clothing, you can probably find a good deal this weekend. Something that makes both customers and retailers like happy.

"'Is this something you look forward to?"

"Absolutely," said Bunker.

Most clothing items, like shoes, jeans, shirts, and belts are sales- tax-free, which means you'll save an average of 8 cents on every dollar. However, there are some things that are not tax free such as jewelry, backpacks and bags, clothing rentals, school supplies, and any items over $100.

For a complete list of what's taxed and what's not this weekend, click on the link below.

Chris Gibson, reporting