Better East Texas: TISD bond

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Tyler Independent School District will place a 160 million dollar bond proposal before the voters in May.

If it passes, several schools will be refurbished and several other new schools will be built.  There is more than two months for voters to get educated on this issue and there should be plenty of information to consider.  Two political action groups have formed, one for the proposal and one against it and each one makes solid points in their presentations.

So if you are a voter in the T-I-S-D voting district, you owe it to our children to get educated on this bond.   And focus on the children and their education needs to trump all other agendas in this vote.  I hope to have representatives from both sides of this issue on this segment but I would also like to hear from you, if you have any questions for either side of this debate. Email me at a and I will work to get your questions answered on this segment.

Our children are certainly worth considering the proposal and they are worth all voters getting educated on it.  Historically, voters have been pretty stingy on items like this but it has also been shown that when a solid plan is presented, voters will embrace this type of election so every vote counts and making your voice known on this bond election will make it a better east Texas.

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