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ETX dairy farm offers rare chance to buy raw milk


An ETX family recently opened a new dairy farm in Troup, just south of Tyler. They are not new to the dairy industry but are selling something unique.

"Dairy is in the blood, you either love it or you hate it," says Deonna Ganske of Way Back When Dairy.

The Ganske's have been dairy farming for years but things are a little different at Way Back When Dairy.

"We just went back to the old basics," says Mark Ganske.

The milk from the couple's farm goes straight from their cows, into a storage tank to chill, then right into gallon jugs for sale.

"You know what's going into the cow, the kids are getting all of the vitamin D, the calcium, everything the cow can put into the milk they're getting it, it's not getting cooked out," Deonna says.

Way Back When Dairy milk is raw, it's not processed or pasteurized.

"The people love it and they say they'll never buy milk from the store again," Mark says.

Way Back When Dairy sells around 350 gallons of milk to nearly 40 different customers every week.

"It's a little bit more expensive here than it is at the grocery store but here you get the cream off the top of the milk, you can make your own butter, you can make a lot of other stuff with it, stuff that your grandmothers and great grandmothers used to talk about," says Tommy Kerzee, a customer at the dairy.

When asked about the dangers of raw milk, Mark Ganske says, "As long as your cows are tested, and your milk is clean, the public has no problems and shouldn't be worried about it."

Kerzee agrees, "I think it's a lot better for your children than some of the other stuff."

Deonna says coming to the farm to get milk also teaches families a lesson.

"A lot of kids you say, "Where does your food come from?" They answer, "Walmart." No .. milk comes from a cow."

A little patron at the dairy shared his milk secret.

"If you put molasses into milk it will turn into chocolate milk," says Sam Kerzee, who admits the milk is pretty good raw too.

Way Back When Dairy says people drive all the way from Lufkin to buy their milk and cream. They are open seven days a week and also invite people to come watch them milk their cows. Call 903-372-9460 for more information. You can also visit the Way Back When Dairy Facebook page.

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