TX teen drives out of control, 100 miles, with stuck accelerator

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Here's a few of the stories we're working on for you this afternoon:

During East Texas News at 4, we'll tell you how a Texas teenager survived a 100-mile ride in his vehicle which had a stuck accelerator. You'll see the video and hear what he did, coming up.

Also, what do you think about charging jail inmates for their meals? An Arizona sheriff has begun doing just that, and you'll hear from him just why he did it. (There have been over 200 comments on this story from you guys on our Facebook page today; join in the conversation there!)

Then, we'll take you to an ETX middle school where our Dia Wall joined the students as they celebrated Black History Month. Dia's message to the students was that contribution to history, regardless of one's color, never ends, and that they should "dare to be different." Hear more at 5.

And at 6, we'll take you to Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, where at 1pm today a service was held to pray for the outgoing Pope Benedict XVI. Our Cody Lillich went to the service and will share some highlights with you tonight.

We'll also tell you more today about the Van ISD employee who was accidentally struck in the leg with a bullet last night after training, as well as many other stories we've been following for you today.

And Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will join us as we approach a weekend full of activity, such as Canton First Monday and the Rose City Chili Cook-Off, and will tell us what kind of weather we should expect.

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