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Couple accused of abusing boy, using makeup to conceal it

Blake Johnson and Richell Overton Blake Johnson and Richell Overton

A man and his girlfriend are accused of repeated abuse against his young son and using makeup to conceal the bruises.

Blake Johnson, 24, and Richell Overton, 23, were arrested Feb. 22.

Police were called to the Oregon Health & Science University emergency room after doctors reported a 2-year-old with suspicious injuries, according to court documents.

Doctors said the boy had bruises all over his head, left cheek, inner upper lip and the right corner of his mouth, along with on both arms and legs.

Johnson and Overton, according to police, originally said they were in another room and heard a crash and then found the boy on the ground holding his leg.

Police said the couple initially claimed to not have noticed all the other bruises.

However, doctors told police they observed Overton wiping concealer off the toddler's face, which was used to mask bruising.

Detectives said the bruising was in various stages of development and doctors said it could not have occurred all at the same time.

Doctors said the boy also had a tight stomach with elevated liver functions, consistent with an injury to his stomach. X-rays then revealed a broken femur bone and a crushed bone in his foot.

Investigators said the suspects initially continued on with their story that the injuries were a mystery to them. However, Johnson later admitted that he poked his son in the chest "a little too hard," according to police.

Doctors counted 24 separate fingertip bruises to the child's chest.

According to court documents, Johnson then admitted they "yank" the child around, but they monitor each other "to prevent either one from losing it."

Johnson told detectives that the boy got in trouble for playing in his room and Overton slammed him twice on the floor, which likely caused the broken femur. Johnson also admitted, according to court records, to using his foot on his child's stomach to push the boy onto the ground.

Police said Overton admitted slamming the boy on the ground and stated they both push the victim over and he sometimes falls backward and hits his head.

Police said she had been applying concealer to the child to hide the injuries for months.

Court documents show Overton said the abuse started six months ago and both suspects again agreed that they "monitor each other during the abuse to ensure that neither goes too far."

Johnson and Overton were arraigned in court Monday. They are charged with criminal mistreatment, conspiracy to commit criminal mistreatment and assault.

They are due back in court March 5.

Police said Overton is nine months pregnant.

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