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Widmer files genetic DNA testing appeal


The attorney for Ryan Widmer filed another appeal for his case on Wednesday.

Widmer is currently serving 15 years to life in prison for the 2008 bathtub drowning of his wife, Sarah.

On Wednesday, Attorney Michele Berry filed a memorandum with the Ohio Supreme Court to decide whether a defendant's rights include access to genetic DNA testing that could ultimately prove if a crime even occurred.

Widmer previously requested genetic DNA testing to a trial court to determine if Sarah suffered from a sudden genetic disorder that may have caused her to drown, instead of being murdered, which the court denied.

Currently, Ohio's DNA testing statute states DNA testing is only for the purpose of eliminating the defendant from crime scene evidence or incriminating an alternate suspect. It's not to prove if a crime even happened in the first place.

Widmer has had three trials. He was convicted of murder in 2011.

To read the memorandum, click here.

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