7-year-old tattoo artist wants to be just like dad

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First, an unusual story for you on East Texas News at 4. A 7-year-old Abilene girl wants to be just like dad; dad is a tattoo artist, and he's teaching her the craft. He believes his daughter will be ready to do tattoos on others before she hits her teen years. You'll see this interesting, and some say controversial, video at 4.

Also during the news at 4, the issue of faith and football are once again front and center in a small East Texas town. The cheerleaders at the high school in Kountze, near Beaumont, want to put Bible verses on banners at football games. The story was in national news last year; now the town is torn on whether or not to allow the students to do so.

At 5, a sad loss for East Texas and the world of music: world-renowned pianist Van Cliburn has died after a battle with bone cancer. Cliburn's triumph at a Moscow piano competition in 1958 helped thaw the Cold War and launched a spectacular international career.

And then at 6, the amount of time you have left to take care of outstanding fees and fines in Smith County is running out. This weekend, as part of the state-wide warrant roundup, law enforcement officers will begin arresting people who haven't paid up. With more deputies on the streets, officials tell our Melanie Torre, it'll be harder to hide.

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