Bust Brings In Stolen Goods, Xanex

It was just after sunrise when officers raided a Lindale home. They were looking for 28 year old Llewellyn Eugene Adkins.

He's now been charged with drug possession, theft and tampering with evidence.

Constable Dennis Taylor says Adkins was selling drugs like Xanax out of his house. Once inside, authorities found rooms filled with stolen merchandise, things like lawn mowers, yard equipment and televisions. They were items Taylor said were traded for drugs.

Also in the house, a large quantity of crack cocaine and Xanax. Two teenagers in Lindale recently died because of abusing the prescription drug Xanax and Oxycontin.

While Taylor would not yet link Adkins to those deaths, he says the arrest this morning goes a long way in getting the drug off the streets.

Clint Yeatts, reporting.