Taking The GED Leads To Success

Jarmy Garay loves her job at Sprint. She helps customers and does billing. It's a job she's very good at, but could never have gotten a few months ago.

"I graduated in Mexico, however, when I came here they told me without a GED I was not going to be able to get a job," she says and she soon found out they were right.

"In a month I applied to 15 or 16 jobs and I never got an interview at all," Jarmy explains so she decided to get her GED.

She took classes to prepare at the Tyler Literacy Council. She passed the test on the first try and started applying for jobs.

"I applied to like 6 and out of those 6 I did get a phone call and interview appointment," she says.

Now she has a job at Sprint where she is using her math, computer and bilingual skills. She feels like a success.

"It is very satisfying to know that what you have right now is because of hard work and people like the literacy council."

And she hopes other will follow in her footsteps to a great career path.