Nine Year Old Donates Hair To Cancer Patients

Nine year old Lauren McCormick has waited her whole life to get her hair cut. Her first encounter with the scissors is also an act of love.

Lauren's long blonde locks fall below her waist, or at least they did. With a snip of the scissors, it was gone.

Her trip to the hair dresser's began 2 years ago when she and her mother were watching a TV show about children with cancer. When Lauren learned the chemo made their hair fall out she wanted to help. Today she donated her hair to Locks of Love.

"I'd been begging my mom for it and I just wanted to get my hair cut for Locks of Love," says Lauren.

"This was all her idea. In fact, I was hindering it for a while. But it's her hair and it'll grow back," says mom, Beckey McCormick. Lauren hopes her hair will grow back. She wants to wait a few years, and make another donation to Locks of Love.

Amy Tatum, reporting.