Former Opposition Has A New Outlook On School Bond

It was unanimous. Last night the TISD board voted seven to none to hold the first phase of the school bond election . The decision already has people talking....just like the one before.

Last time many people spoke strongly against the bond. Gene Shull, for example, was Co-Chair of an opposition group.

But now, after seeing the new proposal,he's leaning a different direction.

"At first read, it appears that they're trying to be much more responsible this time around," says Shull.

While he hasn't made up his mind if he will vote for the bond, he says this package is different and better than the last one for many reasons.

"This time I think the Staubach Company has come in and helped the district put forth a much more detailed study. There are four new board members from last time, and we have a new Superintendent. They've been working very hard to listen to what the community is willing to do," Shull says.

TISD officials say after learning the 'hard way' from the last bond, they're hopeful the new one will pass with flying colors.

"One of the things we wanted to do this go around was develop a plan that was totally comprehensive. We wanted to have one that included every aspect of construction that would withstand the scrutiny of experts in the field or anyone else that wanted to examine what we've done," says TISD Superintendent, Dr. David Simmons.

"This isn't the same old TISD that they might have known in the past. We really are trying to hold the line."

Phase One will be voted on November 2nd along with the general elections.

It will cost nearly $96 million, and will cover replacing 6 elementary school, and the addition of a brand new one.

Reporting: Braid Sharp