Power of Prayer: LoPa Love

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

This story all got started with a five-week trip.

LoPa Art Owner Lori Knight says "The journey to LoPa began with the adoption of our youngest son, number four in our family. Due to infertility we began looking into adoption and on a long journey home we traveled to Ethiopia."

What Lori and Paula Brookshire saw in the leper community of Korah, one of the poorest villages in Ethopia, was astounding.

Paula tells us, "Watching people and the mommas getting the food, digging in the trash feeding their babies. You can't take it in. We knew that we had to do something, that we wanted to do something and our hearts were still there. So both of us began to pray and along the way mutually said, 'Hey there's something I want to talk to you about' and came along with the same idea which was to buy from artisans, buy fair trade from artisans in Ethiopia, bring it back to the states and sell it states."

Today, that's what LoPa art does. What Lori and Paula call insanely talented artists create these unique and beautiful paintings, bracelets and more to be sold right here in East Texas.

The very first show was an amazing success.

Lori says "We were able to send the funds to build a small community center, a small kitchen and buy all the pots and the pans that they need."

Money was also raised to buy school books, uniforms, and register the children for school.

But the story of what LoPa is doing in Korah, Ethiopia doesn't stop there.

Many of the men and women would take their children with them in search of food or a job.

Now, things are different.

Lori says "They can drop their kids off. These children are being fed, the little ones in the daycare are being fed, they are being discipled, they are being taught. So they're getting all those components. And they also offer a discipleship for the mommas."

Right now, there is a reach of about 350 children in education, and 50 or 60 kids being fed in the daycare.

This is where the Brick Project comes in.

LoPa partnered with the Children's Hope Chest to help people from Korah get the jobs they need at liveable wages.

LoPa art has shows all over east Texas.

The business has partnered with several non-profits to make the work they do possible.

For more information on Korah, LoPa art and its mission, you can connect on facebook at

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