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Search continues for stolen Longview dog


An East Texas couple is getting a lot of support in their effort to find their stolen dog. It was Tuesday afternoon that Zeus , a 5-month old bull terrier was stolen from his owners out of their Longview backyard. Some leads have come in.

"We had a possible tip on someone tried to sell him to another student and was told don't bring it home it could be stolen," says Zeus owner Katie Worden.

But still nothing solid.

"Main concern is I worry about Zeus being mistreated. Just hope that he's being taken care of," Katie says.

Workers with the Humane Society and animal control and police have pitched in to help. Humane shelter director Stuart Russell, a former police officer, says dog theft is nothing new.

"Longview has experienced the same thing over the years. Dogs get stolen out of their yards all the time, its more common than you think," she says.

Wordens' neighbor , Anthony Stewart who's camera captured the dog napping video, is still in disbelief.

"I mean it could just as easily been someone's child playing in the backyard but why someone would be desperate enough to steal someone's pet is beyond me," he says.

Reward posters are all over town, in hopes that someone , somewhere, will see Zeus and report it. Russell says its all about money.

"In our experience we see that they end up with somebody that's going to breed them and sell the puppies or try to sell the offspring they've picked up. It surely isn't about love for animals, its all about greed," she says.

The Wordens ask that anyone with information on the whereabouts of Zeus, call police or the Humane Society immediately.

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