George Foreman's Gas Grill: "Does It Work?"

You know for most people, football season starts off somewhere around September 12. But for really, really hard core football fans, like myself, football season begins at the beginning of training camp.

We are here in beautiful Oxnard, California. We're in the parking lot of training camp. We've got training camp over here. We've got the practice fields over here. Don't worry, nobody's on the fields right now, you're not missing anything. So we're gonna do a little tailgating.

I've got the George Foreman Take It And Grill It Portable Gas Grill and we're gonna give it a shot. Let's have some grub.

From the beginning, we really liked the idea that you can carry this thing over your shoulder. Doesn't weigh very much at all. We found setup to be quite easy. If you've ever set up a traditional grill, you'd say it's very easy. The one pound propane tank we had to buy separate at a hardware store only cost a couple of bucks and it just snaps into the grill. Turn it on high. Hit the ignitor a couple of times and it's on.

Everyone else who stopped by and checked out what was cooking on the grill loved the Texas cookin'.

"It cooks really good, fast. Less grease on the burger," said our brave taste-tester. As George Foreman would say. "It's a knockout."

"Ah, yeah it works, it works. It's good."

So, George gets a yes.

It's $60 and available at any discount department store.

From Oxnard, California, Joe Terrell, reporting.