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Wounded dog finds home with East Texas woman


A Good Samaritan in East Texas has changed two lives for the better. Last month, an East Texas woman found a black lab wounded on the side of the road. She took it to the Winnsboro Veterinary Medical Center, where they amputated the dog's front left leg. Not long after our original story, the dog was adopted.

"Are you glad to be home? He is such a joy, such a joy," said Karen Hindman as she loved on her new dog, Conner.

She said she cannot imagine life without him. Hindman said she saw Conner around Christmas when he wandered into her backyard.

"When he went down the steps the first couple of times he was here, you could count his ribs. Obviously, very hungry. So, I put the food out and he ate it, but then he disappeared," she said.

The next time she saw Conner was on the KLTV newscast. She heard the awful news that Conner was found laying on the side of the road with an injury so severe that his leg needed amputating.

"I believe in signs; he is supposed to be mine. He showed up again, yeah he's supposed to be mine," Hindman said with a smile.

Hindman said Conner is making himself right at home. Although, it seems learning his taste is trickier than helping him adjust to life on three legs.

"Had a little trial and error trying to find out what kind of food he liked. He doesn't seem to like the stuff, the dog food, with gravy. He takes his plate in his mouth and turns it upside down and dumps it out the floor. So, we're not buying any more of that," Hindman said with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Conner laid at her feet chewing on a brand-new bone Hindman had bought for him the night before.

Two lives are now complete thanks to a Good Samaritan finding Conner and bringing him to the veterinarian where they could place him in Hindman's home.

Hindman has a message for that Good Samaritan.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you for finding me this wonderful gift," Hindman said before leaning over to give Conner's belly a good rub.

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