Single Women Buying More Homes

Meet Megan Cressy. She's 32-years-old, a high school guidance counselor, and single. And she just bought her first home.

"It was a rental. It needed some work. I came to an open house and got lucky," she says.

There might have been a time not too long ago when single women thought buying their own home was just too difficult, too out of their reach. But now single women are the fastest growing group of homeowners in the nation. They make up one out of every five home sales nationally, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Realtor Jason Wright says in East Texas he's selling more and more homes to women, for a variety of reasons.

"There are more single women that are single at a time when their earning potential is getting higher and higher. You have more and more women who are heads of households as well as more women delaying marriage or pursuing a career," he says.

Mortgage lenders are also loaning women more money than every before. Something women didn't see just 15 years ago, according to Wright.

"You almost had to have a male co-signer. It was viewed maybe women didn't understand what they were doing and that's all been cast aside now." says Wright.

Women are also taking on the challenge of fixing up an old home. That's what Megan did, and she says it was well worth it.

"Looking back it wasn't as bad as I first thought, but if you would have seen me on the day when I was signing all those papers, it probably would have been a different story," says Megan.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.