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ETX stories from behind the Vietnam Wall: The Paperboy


The Traveling Vietnam Veteran's wall was set up Saturday in Longview as part of the "Welcome Home Vietnam Vets" event. Hundreds of veterans and their family and friends went to the Gregg County Fairgrounds to have the welcome home they never received, and see the mobile memorial.

There were many stories told, like Jimmy Wall's who was a crew chief on a Huey helicopter. He tells the story of his friend, "South".

Jimmy walls, a Vietnam Army veteran said "South is what we called him, but unfortunately his name was like a movie star: Donald Southerland. Back when I was in high school he was my paperboy, and one day he came up missing.

"I tried to find out what happened and I found out he joined the Army. Shortly thereafter I ended up being drafted in the Army, and I went to Germany and lo and behold there was my paperboy in Germany. Well he went to Vietnam about one month before I did and that was January of 1969.

"When I got there I found out he was with the First Aviation Brigade and he had been shot down. It's kind of a sad memory ever since then. Of course, I enjoyed the good memories that go with being around him and his family and things like that but all the people that have been here today they've sacrificed a lot to provide us with the freedom than we have. I just want to do my little part and say hey guys thanks for doing what needed to be done."

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