Police Target Red Light Runners

A grant for Tyler's Police Department is aimed at keeping you safe.

All this week, police are watching closely at intersections throughout the city, hoping to crack down on violators. That means run a red light and you could find yourself running into a traffic ticket.

Tyler Police Sergeant Herbert Hayter said they are targeting eight intersections that have proven to be a problem.

"Those intersections have been identified as locations where we have frequent accidents, people do run red lights at those intersections so those intersections are the ones we're targeting."

Police are keeping those intersections to themselves, but we do know they're using a spotter on foot and motorcycle officers stationed just down the road. You can bet, run the light and you'll get caught.

Sergeant Hayter said the enforcement is important to keeping people safe.

"They are important, of course these moving violations, if we can get a handle on some of those, we can actually impact crashes, injuries and maybe save some lives."

The red light patrols are being funded by a $49,000 federal grant. They are also a response to a recent citizen survey. The patrols will continue through Saturday.

Chris Gibson, reporting