East Texans react to wrestling removal from Olympics

The clock is ticking on wrestling and its future in the Olympic games.

"It is shocking that they are taking out something that is in our blood and is natural for us," said TK Gorman wrestler Matthew Roe. "This is not something that was just made in the last 100 years."

The decision by the International Olympic Committee, earlier this week, to drop wrestling from the Olympic games has been met with world wide dissension.

Even though East Texas has only two high schools that wrestle (Henderson & TK Gorman) the feeling of outrage has been mutual.

"It is just a staple of the Olympics when you think about it," said Ryan Topham, a former All-American wrestler at Gorman. Just think back to the Greeks, doing Olympics way before we did, that was their big thing, that was their sport. It seems like it is too tied to the Olympics to cut it."

Matt Oxler is the wrestling coach at Bishop TK Gorman and has been involved in wrestling his entire life.

He voiced his opinion by personally writing a letter to the I.OC, along with thousands of others in the wrestling community.

"I put in my two cents worth and told them that obviously they need to reconsider," said Oxler. "That if they truly stand behind what is the Olympic spirit of sportsmanship, of international fair competition that wrestling exemplifies the greatest aspects of that, then they need to reconsider."

And unlike many other sports, the pinnacle for wrestling is competing at the Olympic games.

"There is no second level for wrestling," said Oxler. "It is the Olympics and then nothing else."

"They don't care if they are on the TV or how much air time they get," said Topham. "It is about going for gold, competing as best they can and winning."

"They're young men that are 8, 10, 12 years old right now, and they might lose that [Olympic] dream, unless they can reconcile and bring that back," said Oxler.

But for now it appears time is up on one of the original Olympic sports.

Wrestling will still compete in the 2016 games, but, in 2020 it must compete with seven other sports for admission to the games.

Only one sports out of those eight will be selected.

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