Live from Mobile: Follow cruise ship Triumph's journey to land

Good afternoon, everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

Today we're live in Mobile, Alabama as the crippled cruise ship Triumph makes its painstakingly slow voyage back to land. You can watch, too, live on Make sure to join us this afternoon at 4, 5, and 6 for more coverage. We know quite a few of you have relatives or friends aboard, and we're doing our best to keep you all updated. We've even received some photos from aboard from some of you at Feel free to send pictures at anytime of this or any news story you see!

In other news, we've all heard the warning: use Craig's list carefully, as it could be hard to tell genuine deals from rip-offs. However, one man from New Jersey actually found something useful on the site...his own stolen boat. Find out what he did today at 4. (See a previous story on our site about a man who found his stolen dogs on CL, too!)

At 5, a heartwarming story from Longview: 13 couples in an assisted living center, some married for more than 60 years, renewed their vows today. Bob Hallmark shares their story and the ceremony with you this evening.

And at 6,an update on a story you guys continue to ask us about: the latest on the Kimbley trial. Little Jake Kimbley, as you recall, was found dead in his family's septic tank last summer. His parents were in court today, and our Melanie Torre will bring you that story tonight at 6.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will have the latest weather forecast for you, as well. People have been talking about 'wintry mix;' Mark will tell you if it's really possible tonight at 4, 5, and 6.

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We'll see you soon!

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