Landowner claims property illegally timbered

An East Texas woman is outraged over theft of not money or jewelry, but timber. It happened last week in a 100-acre track in Rusk County on County Road 3175, outside Mount Enterprise.

Landowner Cynthia Washington of Dallas is furious over illegal timbering and intends to take those responsible to court. Washington's grandparents this 100 acre track in 1937, farming and raising a family on it.

"Its been in my family this year 85 years, this is the roots of my grandparents," she says.

As she did periodically , Washington came out her to check her property. But last week she couldn't believe what she saw.

"I saw a road cut into the property that wasn't here a few weeks ago. I came down and saw logging equipment, timber laying on the ground people in the act or cutting on property that I had not given them permission to cut on," Washington says.

Loads of timber had already been taken, by a company Washington had turned down previously, called Better Price Timber.

"Asked workers where they were taking the timber to and one of the workers said Nix forest in Timpson Texas," she says.

She called sheriffs deputies then called Nix forest. She says the timber was sold for a ridiculous amount.

"$12,500 to cut this entire property , everything standing. I never gave anybody consent to come here and cut I never signed a dotted line," says Washington.

Washington ordered the loggers off her property , then found out how they came to be there.

"There was a persons name on the contract that was not an owner of this property. There is no excuse for this," she says.

We contacted the lumber company in question, 'Better Price Timber', but our calls were not returned. We also called the Rusk County District Attorneys office and the sheriffs office. The case has been turned over to the Rusk County District Attorney's office and is expected to go to a grand jury.

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