Easton Ushers Win National Title

The tiny community of Easton has bragging rights for not only Texas, but for the nation today.  A group of Easton teenagers brings home a national championship, not in sports, but in little known competition of 'ushering". The 6 member team from Union Grove baptist church in Easton won the state title, then bested teams from 9 other states in the 85th annual United Church Ushers of America drill competition in Atlanta Georgia last Wednesday.

The kids had to perform a sequence of timing drills where each member had to execute synchronized moves.  One miscue could have meant defeat. Now the town of Easton is sporting the swagger of a championship city.

"We're putting Longview and Easton on the map too we had to let them know that people from the country can do stuff too," says team member Ashley Thompson.

"This little country town went up there and came back with first place and I'm so proud of them," says drill team organizer Latoyya Wright.

The church plans to find another youth team to send to state and national competition next year, to defend their titles.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com