International Contestants In Longview Contest

A quirky East Texas claim to fame is just around the corner. This year the Hands on a Hardbody contest in Longview is going international. It's the 12th year for the contest and has developed a sort of cult following worldwide.

This year the field will be international, with a Japanese television reporter and a 300 pound stand-up comic entered as contestants. The contest has been reported on by news organizations all over the world and is seen by millions on the annual Internet web-cam. Organizers are continued to be amazed at its popularity.

"We've seen so many people worldwide that follow the event and I never thought it would get so big. I think 18 different countries were logging in a watching the web-cam live," said Trey Patterson of Patterson Nissan.

"This is not like signing up for a gift certificate at the mall, people that sign up for this have a little bit of quirkiness to them. It still amazes me the attraction that this little contest in Longview, Texas and Patterson Nissan has," says event organizer Jan Maynard.

Contestants will be selected in a drawing in August, and the 12th annual Hands on a Hardbody contest will take place September 14th.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.