Kids Day Celebrated In Tyler

Thousands of families showed up at bergfeld park in tyler to celebrate a day that's just for kids. The park was jam packed Saturday, with hundreds of families out to have a good time.

The famlies showed up for "National Kids Day."  National Kids Day was created in 2002 by the "Boys and Girls Clubs of America", the event encourages parents to take an active role in their kids lives.

It's not unusual to see families having a good time at the park, but this event was special.

"You have Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day... what better way to say kids you have a day too where parents give them the attention," said Melissa Smith, Boys and Girls Club Program Director.

The day was created to highlight children, who many times get overlooked.

"When we're in a busy society constantly going to work and practices and everything like that we wanted to get out and give kids a day," said Smith.

Parents like Robert and Susan Dillard can understand that.  As a working family from Tyler, the time they spend with their kids is limited, but they say they make the most of the time they do get.

"Whatever you're doing in life you've got to make time for your family," said Robert Dillard.  "It's fun to see kids having fun, interacting with other people... just having a good time.

Even with thousands of people at the park, organizers say the smiles are how they will measure success.

"The light in their faces to know that they have their parents attention is phenomenal so many times you just see them go from one place to the next and it's just their time," said Smith.

It's quality time, these kids spent with their family.  Organizers were ready for about 1,500 people out at the park Saturday but say more than that actually showed up.

A spokesperson for the Boys and Girls Clubs of East Texas says they plan to hold an even bigger kids day next year.

Chris Gibson, reporting